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    Whether you are expecting, trying to get pregnant or just had a newborn. Everything you need to know.

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  • Cancer Screening

    Learn about your options for breast, gynecologic and colon cancer screening at Women & Infants Hospital.

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  • Part of Life's Journey

    Menopause is seen as a perfectly natural part of life, and it is an easy transition for some and a more difficult one for others.

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Vivian Sung, MD, FACOG

Vivian Sung, MD, FACOG

Vivian Sung, MD, FACOG

Vivian Sung, MD, FACOG

Dr. Vivian Sung is Women & Infants’ principal investigator of the Pelvic Floor Disorders Network, working to develop and perform research studies related to women with pelvic floor disorders.

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Women & Infants to Participate in Project to Reduce Primary Cesareans

While cesarean delivery may be life-saving for the mother, the baby or both, the rapid increase in cesarean birth rates over the past decade raises concerns that this type of delivery may be overused. Women & Infants is participating in a nationwide project to improve healthy outcomes for mothers and families by focusing on reducing the incidence of first cesarean sections in low-risk women who have never given birth.  Details

Breast Surgeons Certified in Hidden Scar Surgery

Two surgeons with The Breast Health Center at Women & Infants Hospital have been certified in an innovative new technique called Hidden Scar Breast Surgery, the first in Rhode Island and among the first in the entire region to achieve such certification. Four other Care New England breast surgeons affiliated with Women & Infants and Kent hospitals are also working on certification. Details

Dr. Barry Lester Earns $4.9 Million to Participate in National ECHO Study

Two Care New England hospitals – Memorial Hospital and Women & Infants Hospital – are among 35 pediatric cohorts who will together enroll more than 50,000 children to study the early environmental origins of health outcomes. The initial award to Memorial is a two-year grant of $6.2 million, and $4.9 million over two years to Women & Infants. Pending successful completion of this “feasibility phase,” an additional five years of funding is expected to be available. Details